The team is more like a community, offering a very supportive network of friendly and flexible people who are happy to help any prospective volunteers, activity leaders and any other participants. We offer a dynamic programme and strive on a professional outlook within a relaxed environment.

We don’t just help studying English! Many topics and areas are in focus during the Learning Camps, and we are proud of our varied and extensive programme of other activities, which includes excursions to many historical and beautiful parts of Romania, out-of-class activities like sports, dance, drama and music, and so much more. The children leave school for summer and want a fun holiday, while the parents and teachers want them to keep on learning.

Romanian and British teachers, children, past and prospective trainers, counsellors and volunteers, and anyone who wants to find out more about our organization know that our time has come now to concentrate on bigger and bolder ideas. Much more effort is to be spent expanding our projects so that we can reach more young people than ever before while meeting the highest educational needs.

So a big thank you to everybody involved with us, and a hope for the future that our organization can make an even greater impact on the lives of many more.