We believe that by offering these programmes to children and British & English Language teaching staff, camp leaders and counselors, we are facilitating an area of education, which has grown largely developed up till now.
The opportunities that we give to everybody involved with us can really help to make changes in their lives, especially when the students and teachers get together. Schooling in Romania is of a very high standard, and the English departments are particularly good. But we understand that it can be difficult to really master a language unless it is constantly practiced.
Therefore, by surrounding the children with English speaking teachers, Camp Counselors and project organisers, we have seen them break on through, and watched improvements in the children’s speaking English in just a short space of time. They are learning in a fun environment from the beginning to the end. Aside from the educational purpose of our projects, everyone who comes along leaves with memories that will last forever. The abundance of activities, games, lessons and extra-curricular events ensures that fun is to be had!

The combination of the two makes such a difference…